Waste water treatment

  • Expanding plant capacity without capital expenditure.
  • Improving organic removal efficiency.
  • Reducing sludge generation.
  • Improving nitrification and oil/grease digestion.

After a long history of using harsh, and un-friendly to the environment chemicals, to purify waste water; be it domestic or industrial, the nature has come to help itself, through using natural, live, young, non-pathogenic and scientifically selected bacterial strains to clean up waste water. Thus converting it to clean and clear water that meet the most stringent standards of water for irrigation. A comprehensive range of live bacterial products are available for waste water treatment plants, septic tanks ponds, rivers, golf courses, cattle, poultry and fish farms.

waste water treatment

The benefits of Microbe-Lift  include biodegrodation of organic pollutants, removing bad odor, reducing:
– Suspended solids – chemical oxygen demand (COD).
– Biological oxygen demand (BOD).
– Hydrocarbons.
– Hydrogen Sulfide.
– Sludge generation, etc. etc. The micro-organisms contained in Microbe-Lift are naturally occurring bacteria, neither genetically engineered nor-genetically manipulated. They are safe to human, plants wildlife, and marine life.

Subject products range(Microbe-Lift) are made in the USA by the leading  manufacturer of the biological products; ECOLOGICAL LABORATORIES INC., and marketed in the regions of MENA , Pakistan, kenya and Nigeria by NAHHAS WORLD BUSINESS CENTER.