• Provide huge surface contact area; up to 20,000M2 per each M3 of carriers.
  • Fast immobilization of bacteria within hours.
  • Wide range of carriers for aerobic, anaerobic and waste gas situations.
  • Full technical support, before, during and after sale.
Wherever these are contaminants in water that need to be biodegraded, there shall be sufficient bacterial population which require sufficient surface area to stick to, reproduce and do its microbial team work.

Bio-Carriers (LEVAPOR) have been formulated and manufactured to provide extensive surface area for the biomass to live on, (about 20,000 M2 / each one cubic meter of LEVAPOR).

The features of LEVAPOR include rapid wetability, fast bacterial colonization (30 – 90 minutes), high internal


porosity and effective water binding. Add to that LEVAPOR contains up to 50% WT activated carbon and a porous carrier material; a synthetic foam coated with activated carbon.

The benefits of LEVAPOR include removal of odor and gases, better treat-ability of water which is reflected by reduction in main parameters of polluted water such as COD, TSS, BOD, and most importantly a huge reduction of sludge generation.

Whenever a need does exist for optimization of a waste water treatment plant, a start up of a new plant, a reduction of sludge production, more effective nitrification and de-nitrification process, and/or removal of hazardous and suspended substance, LEVAPOR has the most economic and effective solution.

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