• Effluent meets EU standards for treated waste water.
  • Occupies one third of land space required by conventional systems.
  • Economical initial investment and high ROI.
  • Minimum maintenance and simple operation.

Realizing that most industrial factories in Jordan specifically and in the third world, Middle East included, at large, are small in size and output, the thought of putting a waste water pre-treatment unit in each factory was both unpractical and un-economical. Thus very few have cared to install a waste water pre-treatment unit with in their factories design.

Within the last few years an aggressive trend toward a new environmental awareness and environmental issues, have been forced by most local authorities in the region. As a result of this situation, increasing demands for waste water pre-treatment plants that are small, easy to operate, packaged and economical are coming out.


To meet those demands for both industrial and domestic waste water treatment, we, offer a modular design with units that serve small and mid-sized factories between 50 and 4,000 M3 of waste water per day. It is the most flexible and expandable system on the market today, where units can be easily added or moved to accommodate changes in demand. The system uses Rotating Biological Contactor (CBC) technology that is certified to meet strict environmental discharge standards.

Our system provides the following key benefits:

• Operates on 20% of the electrical power required by the conventional systems.
• Requires one third of the space that conventional systems occupy.
• Quiet and odorless.
• Corrosion-free.
• Pleasing appearance as much as flexibility.
• Minimum maintenance, and,
• Cost effective.