Ecological Laboratories, Inc is a Biotech Company specializing in the development of microbiological products for the natural treatment of environmental problems associated with the various wastewater and organic recycling issues. Some of the primary applications of our product technology include the reduction of organic contaminants (BODs, CODs and TSS), reduction of odors from H2S and other sulfur compounds, control of algae, reduction of nitrogen compounds, and restoration of the natural balance of ponds, lakes and rivers.

Ecological Laboratories products have been used since 1976 in the treatment of Industrial and Municipal wastewater treatment, Agricultural Farms and Food Processing Facilities, Aquaculture Systems (fish and shrimp farms), Ponds & Gardens, Domestic Septic Systems & House Cleaners, Pet & Aquariums Applications, as well as Commercial Grease Traps.

Ecological Laboratories is a solution provider, and is constantly expanding its product scope and applications by working with both the Public and Private Sectors in developing treatment protocols to meet the need for clean water worldwide.


LEVAPOR technology represents a fast growing field of high-biotech, enabling highly efficient and stable bioprocesses. Their key-factors are highly active microorganisms, fixed on superior carriers’ materials with optimized properties.

LEVAPOR products are innovative, designed carrier materials with variable ideal properties, allowing tailor made solutions for a wide field of applications in bio film reactors.

LEVAPOR carriers are comprising of, porous, flexible, easily fluidisable plastic foam cubes, impregnated with adsorbing pigments. They become colonized very fast by specialized microorganisms, resulting in bioprocesses with remarkably higher efficiency and stability and regenerating the carrier biologically.

Due to their excellent properties, required amounts for application are in the range of only 12 to 15 vol. % of bioreactors, compared with 30 to 70 vol. % for other non modified plastic carriers, enabling the best process economy.

In Environmental Biotechnology, especially bio treatment of industrial and municipal effluents respectively polluted air, plants using LEVAPOR carrier are in operation since several years, confirming their remarkable advantages:

  1. Higher efficiency and stability of bioprocesses
  2. Lower excess sludge production
  3. Lower degree of reactor filling : only 12 to 15 vol.% instead of 30 to 70 %
  4. Remarkable process economy and
  5. Simple technology, applicable also during plant operation.

Miranda is a Turkish manufacturer of Miracell: domestic and industrial waste water treatment plants that are capable of treating waste water of a daily flow varying from 50 – 4000 M3 /day.

Miracell plants have been supplied and operating in most Middle East countries, and are used in both military and private sectors.

In addition to the conventional Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology, Miranda has obtained in 1998, a special patent on the “pressurized version of RBC, which further reduces size of the plant and cost of power consumption.